How to Watch “GGG “Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez 2 PPV Fight Live Stream

Many people want to see the rematch between Canelo vs GGG PPV 2 Fight.Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin They met for the first time on the ring on September 16, 2017. Now, the date is around the corner. The GGG vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight will happen  on to take place at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada on September 15, 2018. precisely a year after the first matchup. With this announcement in mind, the big fans of boxing sport will want to reserve the option to watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight.

As we know, the fight outcome was a bit vague at that time. It was a split draw. For many people, it is agreeable that the result was controversial and enough reason to hold the second match. The rematch supposed to happen in May 2018 but was postponed because one of the contestants did not pass the substances checks.

It took months of negotiation until the rematch happens. The official has now confirmed the date, time, and venue. Now it is your turn to reserve the option to watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight. But before sharing the ways, let see the details of the bout first.

Match Canelo vs Golovkin 2
Start Time: 10.00 PM ET
Dates Sept 15, 2018,July 2018
Live Stream Watch Here

This rematch will be one of the biggest boxing matches this year. People around the world will witness such a competitive rematch right from their home, office, and anywhere. It is imperative to reserve the suitable option of Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight. Some of the platforms are free to use but pose the risks of the virus, spyware, pop-up ads, etc. If you don’t want any disturbance when enjoying Golovkin vs Canelo 2, you will want to stick to the official media streaming options. The official broadcaster of the upcoming fight is HBO. It holds the right to broadcast the match across the US. It has geo-restriction and will block you if you are not from us. But you could unlock the service with the VPN to switch your current IP to be the US IP. That way you will connect as US residents and access the HBO without any problem.

Canelo vs Golovkin 2 Live streaming options

Depending on the part of the world that you are located, the match will be shown live in such online stations like the HBO, BoxNation as well as the BT Sports and so on. These channels will not be available to everybody who wants to watch the match live because they are geographically restricted. If you are residing in America or in the UK, you can watch it from these channels. Those outside these places have to explore different online channels they can watch the match

There are online streaming channels that you can use to watch the match live. For instance, RingTV provides the live streaming service that you can access from your smartphones, tablet, or other compatible mobile devices. The streaming channels are significant to the Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight. However, RingTV is only for US viewers. To unblock the service, you would want to use a reliable VPN service to switch the IP for you so that you can access the service. A good VPN service like ExpressVPN has the app that you can use in your mobile devices. You may want to start from there.

Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight Info

We already mentioned that free options have their risks. So, we suggest you not to waste your time and energy to use those services. Instead, you can tune in the HBO for the Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight. It is the official and safest option you can get. HBO services are only available in the US. If you are outside the US, the chance to access the service is low.

If you have subscribed to a streaming service, you will have a chance to watch the Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight. However, you will need to pay for the service. No matter where you are, you can watch it through the different channels as long as they are official. The safest way is by using the paid and regular services. Enough said.

Watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 when you are outside the US

HBO coverage means to limit the viewers to US people only. If you are outside the US, you can still watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight through the channels that affiliate with HBO. For instance, you can watch it on the BoxNation channel if you are in the UK. You will need to subscribe to the service through. Each country has its channel which affiliates with the HBO. You will want to attain this information from your local provider.

Watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight through KODI.

If you have been familiar with KODI, you could consider using it to watch Golovkin vs Canelo 2 later. All you need to do is to prepare the working Kodi network in your device. You will need Kodi Box to make it work; then you can connect the Kodi add-ons on the FireStick, Chromecast, PC, or Mac.

The add-ons allow you to choose the channels that you want to watch. However, it has regional restrictions. You will want to use VPN service to unblock the limits. Kodi is one of the most popular options for cord-cutters. If you’re going to enjoy Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight without limitation, use Kodi.

Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Fight through Social media sites.

There is also an excellent option for social media users. There are a lot of contents that you can enjoy the favorite social networking sites  has the chance to give you match live coverage. Most fans page offers the free content. You need to find the page and watch it live on September 15.

How to watch Canelo vs GGG 2 through social media channel

Social media channels provide you lot of venues to watch the match. Some of the social media services can provide it for you free while others will demand that you pay a token before you watch the match. These media sites will be showing the matches live through HBO, and other channels that will be broadcasting the match live.


Several fan pages on Facebook could be showing that match live. You can see some of the pages advertised and this means that if you visit any of the fan pages that show the match, you can watch it live. Most fan pages could be showing the match to you free. This means that you can just relax in such a page and watch the match live.


In the same way, twitter can be showing the match lives to many twitter followers. This implies that you must subscribe to twitter and be a follower of one of the fans and watch the match through the channel. It can be free as well; you must be a twitter follower before you watch the match, live


Something was said about a reddit showing the match lives. There can several reddit channels links that show that match. All you do is to hook to such a channel and begin to view the match.


Just as in the case of Facebook and twitter. YouTube can be showing the match live. You have to subscribe to the channel that shows the match and watch it live. These are some of the ways of enjoying the matches live.

Final words

The upcoming fight which entitled Canelo vs GGG 2 PPV boxing can be a great thing to enjoy with your friends and family. Weigh all the options we mentioned above and choose one which is suitable for you. Also, consider circling your calendar so that you won’t miss this fantastic spectacle. Good luck on finding your Golovkin vs Canelo 2 Live Stream PPV Fight.